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Get a free £100 in bets by making the most of our Colossus Bets Bonus Code. Sign-up as a new customer and get a great bonus on your first deposit. To claim this promo, copy and paste the below bonus code during registration!

Note: currently, the bonus offer at Colossus Bets is not available.

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This special offer is in the form of free bets up to, but not, exceeding £100. You can use this sign up offer to invest in any of the new pools available on Colossus Bets website. You are likely to find that you only need to bet a small amount of money to claim large prize funds.

The unique nature of Colossus Bets pool system, is definitely one of the major benefits of signing up to Colossus Bets and using the Colossus Bets Bonus Code.

This is one of the best sign up offers out there, compared with other betting website, so keep this in mind when making your decision. Using the bonus code and getting an account is simple, and once you have signed up all you need to do is to login and play. Read our review to get acquainted with Colossus Bets and then see if you can create a playing strategy to win big!

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Colossus Bets Bonus Code Details

If you have been looking for a place in which you can win big when it comes to betting on football, then look no further. Colossus Bets are one of the few places online which have an exceptionally positive reputation when it comes to their cash out system, their winners and also their sports market. Something many punters love about Colossus Bets is the fact that, even if your team loses, you can still have the chance to win.

With massive jackpots from smaller stakes, you’ll have no problems when it comes to winning. The website is one of the best on offer and if you have been looking for a new bookmaker, then make sure to check out this review in full.

As mentioned, not only are Colossus Bets a well recognised name, they are also offering the Colossus Bets Bonus Code 2018 – so keep this in mind when you sign up and don’t miss out on the many benefits and promotions that could easily come your way.

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Colossus Bets Sign-Up

If you are hoping to open an account with Colossus Bets, and are wondering how does it work, then don’t worry as it really is simple. First go to their website by clicking on one of our links below. Next, you will need to head to the right hand side of the page where you can then click on the button labelled: “Join”. You will find that from there you can easily follow a very simple process of inputting your personal details, which you should always check are correct. Once you have done this, click Next Step and you will be led to a page in which you can add all of your account details. After you have completed this, you will easily be able to peruse the website. Make sure that you remember to enter the Colossus Bets Bonus Code 2018. The sign up process should not take you more than a few minutes and you will find that once you have done this, you will very easily be able to peruse everything that the company has on offer to you.

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Colossus bets bonus code
Remember that once you have opened an account, it is essential to choose a username and password which you are likely to remember. It is very important to keep this information to yourself so that you do not find yourself in the situation of having had your account hacked. If you find, however, that this does happen to you, do not worry as you will easily be able to speak to customer services who will then be able to close down the account quickly. Always make sure that the security software on your computer is safe too so that you do not come across any unexpected fraud. However, if you find that this does happen, unless you contact the company they will automatically presume that actions on your account were made by you.

Bonus Code Terms

When claiming the Colossus Bets Bonus Code there are a few details that you should be aware before making your deposit. We have highlighted them below in our table and will explain a bit further in this review.

Firstly, the maximum free bet bonus you can receive is £100. This is entirely reliant on how much you deposit, as the bookmakers are only matching what the punter pays in. So if you deposit £50, then you will get £50 in return from the bookies, giving you £100 in total. However, if you deposit £200, you will get the maximum bonus of £100, giving you £300 to play on the pools available. This offer applies for 72 hours only, meaning your bets made within that time will be matched by Colossus Bets. As always, you will only be able to apply for this if you use the bonus code.

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Why Join?

When it comes to finding a bookmaker who is right for you, there are many different ways to approach this. However, a good idea is to take into consideration the sport which you most prefer and then from here you will easily be able to find a company that are right for you. With Colossus Bets, they offer you many great opportunities and have recently been praised by the British press for being especially good for anyone who is interested in football betting.

However, you may want to keep in mind the fact that Colossus Bets does not actually work like a traditional bookmaker. They operate a cassic pool system, which is in fact the only way you can make your bets. If this sounds like something you would be intrigued by then it is well worth checking out, however, you should definitely consider this before signing up. You will find that often you will have a choice of three matches which you can predict on. How this then works is that you can pick a score or you can auto select with the quick pick option. But this entire process can be fun for people looking for an alternative to traditional betting.

Colossus Bets Website

As soon as you click through to Colossus Bets, you will find that it has a very appealing opening layout which is always a huge benefit of a company you are interested in. By doing this, you are likely to be far more drawn to playing here. The colours chosen are a professional orange and black and the overall impression is that the site is reliable and fun. There are not too many options on each opening page meaning it is not cluttered and you can very easily sign up to begin playing within just a few moments. With just a few clicks you will straight away be faced with all of the best action and ready to begin betting.

Sports and Markets

As soon as you login to the main page, you will notice that is not a conventional betting site, in the sense that it does not look to cover every sport out there. It has another model based on a traditional pools system. Thus the selection of what you can bet on is usually more limited to that of other bookmakers. Another thing you will notice, is that Football is the sport that is mainly covered, so if you like to have a wider variety of odds and sports then Colossus would probably not be right for you as the betting concept is different at this site. However, if you are interested in the pool betting system that they offer, then have a nice number of game selections which range from international friendlies to even league games. You can even free play with many different sports markets here too which also works very well. If you are unsure of where to start, and are used to the traditional bookie model, then Colossus offer you the chance to read their guide which can easily be located at the top of the page.

colossus bets how does it work

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Colossus Bets Mobile and App

If you are someone who loves to play while on the move, then you will be happy to hear that the Colossus Bets App is available for iPhone and Android now. By downloading the app, you can very easily begin banking cash-in profits and making your picks straight away. The company boast that the app is both fully secure as well as fast and, best of all, free! By taking advantage of this app, you can easily begin to play while you aren’t at home and fill those dull commuting hours. Its a nice tool to have if you want to take your bettor strategy to the next level!

colossus bets app

Colossus Bets Betting

At Colossus Bets, they have a number of different betting options to help punters along the way. Something which you are very likely to enjoy about Colossus Bets is their flagship pool betting system. The way this works is that you are able to select the results of the games which you would like on your favourite event. For example, all you need to do is to choose the amounts that are staked. These will be placed into Colossus Bets pools. If you manage to win, then you will share a part of this with other winners, so this is definitely something worth keeping in mind. However, you will be happy to learn that the company actually offer an impressive deal of guaranteed prizes, not just on some but on all of their pools. The benefit of this is that it ensures winners have the chance to win a large payout.

Colossus Bets Betting
However, you are also likely to find that you benefit from other offers from Colossus Bets too. For instance, during a pool, you could be offered the chance to cash out. This is a particularly great way for bettors to minimise their losses or winnings should their chances of winning are becoming low. The cash out system can often put you in a position to save yourself money  when it comes to some of Colossus Bets games. To do this, you will be selling your live tickets back to Colossus Bets. This unique cash out process is something which attracts many different players. You are likely to find that it can be a very great way to begin betting and is something which is not offered by many companies. If you do decide to cash out, then you will be paid the cash out value and will be able to bank this. It does not matter what happens in the remaining match either. Another option is to keep part of your ticket, then you will also still have the chance to win a share of the prize, that is if you manage to be successful. You also do not need to worry about the best time to do this as the game will regularly update the cash-in value on offer which really does make the entire process a whole lot easier for you in the long run. This is definitely something which a large amount of people are very interested in and so it is worth getting involved if you feel you can benefit from this process.

Aside from our affiliate bonus code, a nice added advantage of Colossus bets is they have a great refer a friend promotion, where you will be credited with free bets in exchange for any referrals you make. This is a great way to expand on your free play options.

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As you may have realised by now, the cash out function is one which is very enticing to bettors and could be seen as the main draw to the website. If you’re still unsure on how this works then make sure to read on:

To begin with, players bet on the outcome of multiple related events. These events are pre-selected by Colossus Bets and are then decided over a set period of time. If you decide to play then you will have the ability to place either one of even more bets. You will then be given a unique reference number when your bet is accepted.

Colossus Bets explain on their website: “Each Bet has a full unit cost, for example £2 for a Player whose account is denominated in Sterling (GBP), and the Colossus Bets bet placement engine will add up the amount of Lines multiplied by the stake per Line to show the total amount staked on your Bet.”

If you still find that this is confusing but are intrigued nonetheless, then a great idea is to simply sign up and begin playing. By doing this, you will quickly learn the ropes and the cash out function means that you are unlikely to lose money if you play wisely. However, if you would rather read more on the process, then make sure to check out the website for more information.
If you would like to begin playing to take advantage of the many benefits of Colossus Bets, then be sure to use the Colossus Bets Bonus Code.

Banking Options

When it comes to funding your account, there are a few terms which you should keep in mind. There are many options to be found for which you can easily fund your account and you will find these on the account funding page of the site. It is definitely worth keeping in mind the fact that the minimum deposit for your account is over £10. Colossus Bets go into a lot of intricate detail on the points of depositing funds, which you can easily find on their terms and conditions page. This is something which is worth keeping in mind as you may feel that they are a more trust worthy site and so worth betting with. As well as this, the way in which the funds in the account are held by the company falls into the medium category of protection by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you also find that you somehow manage to incorrectly credit a sum of money to your account, then notifying Colossus Bets is important. Keep in mind the fact that if you have a bet which has an incorrect sum, then the company are able to cancel this. As well as this, if you find that you want to withdraw £10,000 or more, you should speak to the customer service team who will be able to help you quickly and without any hassle.

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If you wish to close your account, then you can very easily contact customer services too and this will be sorted out for you easily. Once you have closed your account, the sum held in your account will be determined by Colossus Bets and then sent to you. Also keep in mind that if you have not used your account in 365 days then Colossus Bets will consider you to be dormant and a monthly administrative fee of £10 may be deducted from the account every month. This is definitely an undesirable outcome and something you should remember.

However, keeping all of this in mind, you are likely to find that Colossus Bets offer you a great range of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing. They have many online payment options which also include PayPal, Neteller, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and Skrill. But, if none of these seem to work for you, then make sure to check out all of your other options on the website too before you sign up to play.

Something else which you may feel is important to note is the fact that the base currency when it comes to Colossus Bets pool is Sterling. This means that, even though the values which are specific to your account are displayed in your own currency, often data on the site will be displayed in Sterling.

Customer Services

If you are hoping to quickly contact the company then you will find that by simply visiting the contact page, you can fill in a form. This form should be completed with your name, email address and any queries or questions you may have. Once you have sent this off then you will find that it should not be too long before you receive an answer. However, you may also find that googling the answer and using the content from other players, such as from a blog, is a good idea too. There are many tips that you can also find online which can be extremely useful.

If you would prefer to contact someone more directly, then you can easily call the company using the phone number provided on their website. This is +44 20 3393 3662. However, you may want to keep in mind that this can cost you, especially if you are calling from outside of the UK. Colossus Bets also offer you the ability to be able to write to them at: Colossusbets Ltd, Unit 10, 4 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RP. Or if you would prefer to simply email them then make sure you reach out using the address:

colossus bets

Bookmaker Review

You are likely to find that when it comes to this betting website, there is a pretty big room for improvement on many different areas of the website. However, it does also appear to be that over the last few months, the website has been attracting far more punters meaning they must be slowly improving. From British press coverage to an impressive growth rate, it appears that this company will be going places and you may want to join in on the action now! You will find that the huge range of sporting events on offer is exciting, especially if you are interested in this new way of betting.

One of the main benefits of using Colossus is the chance to win big cash prizes which can be pretty difficult with many other betting websites. You are likely to find yourself making a profit each time you play and the cash out system means that you can constantly feel in control of your own money.

If you still find that this is not enough to entice you, then make sure to check out the £10,000,000 Colossus’ offer as all you need to do is to choose the right score in around seven football matches which have already been chosen by the company. If you actually manage to do this right, you will win an impressive share of the pool prize.

Overall, the interesting concept of Colossus Bets is something which works really well if you enjoy pool betting. However, if you are a fan of traditional betting, then you may want to keep in mind the fact that Colossus Bets can be limited when it comes to certain games and events. If everything positive that you have read sways you, then you are likely to find that it is worth signing up and enjoying the site as you go along. Once you have signed up, you are very likely to begin enjoying a thrilling experience in getting correct scores. If you find that this does not work well enough for you, then you may want to consider another sportsbook to complement your choice. This could be Winner Sports or even bet365. By doing this you are very likely to find that you will receive a great full betting experience and will be able to begin winning straight away. If you do decide that Colossus Bets is right for you, then remember to use the Colossus Bets Bonus Code in order to receive a fantastic promotion.

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